Monday, December 10, 2007

Taxi Driver Nearly Kills Zed!

Okay its not so bad as that. but it feels like it to me.

Zed was riding his bike on saturday when a taxi driver coming in the opposite direction decided to pull a U-turn. A u-turn INTO MY HUSBAND!

Luckily Zed is an amazing motorcyclist, even though he had no warning he was able to break enough so the impact wasn't too bad. He still hit the taxi though and went down hard. Heaps of bystanders came to Zeds aid and he was able to walk away with only a sprained ankle and a badly bruised body. People who had seen the accident began giving the Taxi driver a hard time, I can understand why, a motorcycle accident is an awful thing to see happen but Zed stepped in and defused the situation. (What a legend, begin dreamy sighs and batting of eyelashes for my honorable husband)

Zed is of course being his usual pragmatic self about the whole thing. The law of averages says a car is bound to hit you eventually if you are a motorcyclist (75% of all motorbike accidents are caused by cars. Yet motorcyclists pay almost double ACC levies in their registration). I guess he is just happy he wasn't hurt more badly.

I am however quite shaken by the whole incident. Its like I have been given a taste of what it might be like to lose Zed to a motorbike accident and don't like it. CURSE YOU CARELESS TAXI DRIVER!


Cavegirl said...

Taxi drivers are dodgy anyway, but car drivers in general are dodgy when it comes to bi-wheel vehicles.

Remember what happened to Amy on her scooter? If it wasn't for the helmet, she'd be brain-mush. Now she has given in and gotten a car.

Please urge Zed to get a car. I don't want you to be husband-less either. Life is quite nice with Zed in it.

scientician said...

Yes I quite like life with Zed in it too. And if he had a car, he would be many degrees safer.

But saying zed should drive a car to protect him for dangerous drivers is like saying women should wear burkas to protect them from dangerous men.

Car drivers need to take more responsibility for their actions toward pedestrians, cyclists and bikers.

Cavegirl said...

However, we live in a country in which that attitude is unlikely to change any time soon!