Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Printing my photos - What a nightmare

I thought I might get some nice glossy prints. My printer is out of ink and I needed a couple of hard copies of some old photos.

So I load them on to my trusty 4GB usb stick. Ah USB stick, how handy you are, have I ever told you that I love you? Oh I have? Shhhhhhhhh!

Er um where was I? oh Yeah I was at Camera House. I have previously had success there printing photos from USB.

So I go to use the kiosk, But hang on I cant. I actually have to become a "member" now before I can use the kiosk to print photos. le SIGH!!!!!! So I stand in line, chat with the lady at the counter get my nice laminated membership card (oh goodies yet another card for my wallet) and back to the kiosk I go.

So I go through all the steps of entering my 9 digit membership number (oh usability where for art though!) and plug in my USB. Lovely little think starts blinking its green light at me and the kiosk has detected it, but alas!!!!!! The kiosk cannot find the photos. After trying another kiosk I stand in line again to ask if there is an issue with using USB.

Apparently I can only use my USB stick if (and this is only the word of the dubious looking counter lady)

a) there are ONLY photo files on it
b) they are not within a folder.

Useless. Kiosks made so easy to use that any idiot with their memory card from the camera can print, but any organised person with essential files and photos within a folder cannot use their USB stick. What a waste of my time.

For some reason this whole encounter left me feeling very angry, I had to leave the mall and go get a wheel alignment for my car.

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