Friday, January 16, 2009


Highly ineffectual.

That's how I would describe my feelings on all world situations I disagree with. Apart from donating to the Red Cross or Women for Women International every time a war breaks out, what can I do? Just feeling bad about it doesn't really cut it. How does my pity and sympathy help anyone in these terrible situations?

The history of Palestine's gradual demise (invasion) is not something I'll claim to fully understand, and half the time I wonder what kind of merry rabbit hole I'm being led down by the media. But who can watch this on TV every night and not feel like something should be done! They bombed the UN headquarters in Gaza, all the food and medicine up in flames. Why isn't stronger action being taken?

In New Zealand everyone is all upset about a Muslim kebab shop owner who kicked two Israeli women out of his shop. Here it violates our human rights laws, but maybe we need, on an international level to kick Israel out of the shop. Wide reaching economic sanctions? Would this do anything to halt the violence?

Here is a viewpoint on the Palestine/Israel issue printed in 1948, it should be required reading for every American supporter of Israel.

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