Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Summer Reflection

Summer; where you can hop in a boat late afternoon, zoom to an island for a swim and dinner and zoom back before it gets dark. What could be better, it was part of a perfect little holiday up north which included visiting my mother, entertaining the teenage stepkids and visiting my grandparents.I love being up north, my grandparents bach is a great place to chill and my mums place is surrounded by and amazing vege garden (I am envious everytime I see it) and a swimming pool.
I'm quite lucky, because when my mum gets sick of me I can go visit my gran and when they get sick of me I can go back to my mums ;-)

This carpet of pungas is what you look out over at my grandparents place. When I was young I used to think maybe I could jump of the deck and walk around on them. Just as well I was too sensible for that!

Dylan appeared out of the great beyond and I caught up with him at Mums place for her birthday. Been a while since I've seen my little brother. And my mum sorted me out with a proper guava tree, the kind we used have in hall road. Every now and then the wood pigeons would plonk themselves down in it and eat quavas all afternoon. I've seen a few round here, so maybe I'll get a few garden visitors.

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