Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keeping that summer holiday vibe going.

This morning I woke poor Zed up before 8 and packed a picnic breakfast. Then we took the winding drive out to Piha. I'm glad we went early, the roads were empty, the beach was quiet and it wasn't deadly hot yet. We sat on the beach watching the early surfers and ate our ham and egg sandwiches. Then we walked piha, grabbed a coffee and drove over to Karekare. Jeebus that road down to Karekare, how scary is that! Munter Aucklanders in their 4 wheel drives who seem to have no idea about keeping left on a one lane road. Dumb arses.
Anyway here's a picture of Piha, taken with my cellphone. I really need to get a little pocket camera, our cameras good, but its big and a pain to take anywhere.

There were quite a few properties for sale, if I had funds I would definitely get a place out there. That's what life should be, living in a bach by the sea, waking each morning to the sound of waves, swimming everyday. Tending a native garden and working to protect the local environment. I think the Waitakeries are amazing, to have those hills, covered in native bush so close to Auckland city, its a real treasure. Hopefully we can keep it protected from over development.


Cavegirl said...

Man your blog is making me hungry!
I must admit I'm jealous about the ocean, though I guess that Raglan is just as far from me as Piha is from you?

I took your advice and started blogging again
Good grief.

Zee said...

I love mornings - I just wish they were later in the day.

Suselore said...

LOL - thats quotable!