Friday, January 23, 2009

Summer Dinners - Wish you were here?

Chicken, marinated overnight in honey, ginger and a wee bit of lemon juice. I may have over cooked it a wee bit getting a little more caramelising than necessary, but still very tasty. I will look back on this picture in winter (when I am eating my turnip stew) and remember the bright fresh tastes of summer. I'm sure all my London friends suffering the cold drippy weather are blue with envy.

Picked up a kilo of cherries today for $5. Got to love the Asian grocer, tucked away in an odd corner of the north shore, full of weird and wonderful things. And lots of mushrooms!

First week back at work is over and done, always a bit of a shocker. So much purchasing to catch up on. Spending your tax dollars is always fun. I spent about $5000 on antibodies for diagnosing different types of cancers. That buys me about 5 x 1ml lots of concentrated antibody. Its expensive stuff.

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Nina said...

I am in NZ! I will come for dinner! YUUUUUUM