Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yo dis my garden, word

Okay so i started digging up the lawn for more garden space, and then I had a thought.
The lawn mower man.
He mows with out prejudice.
So I got a build on and made a frame for a raised garden bed. I was going to use macrocarpa sleepers, (non treated and don't rot so quick) but then I saw they were $22 each! So I just bought some cheap arse pine instead. So that's my garden frame for less than $15 and built all by myself!
Because it was built mostly to protect my current plantings I haven't turned over all the soil or filled it to the brim with glorious compost, I figure I'll do that over winter, but for now it will protect my squash from being mowed over.

As a bonus a picture of the top of my bookshelf. My house is kinda weird. Sheep, painting of piha and flower box light things. Eclectic. That's how I roll!

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