Monday, January 19, 2009

uh oh - Holiday Indulgences!

Oooooops. I may have accidentally imbibed too much beer and consumed too much crap over the holidays. I prefer not to cook when I'm on holiday and Zed prefers not to cook. So we ate out, a lot.
Now its come back to bite me on my rather large arse.

So its back to home cooked meals and one alcohol free month, barring any social functions of course. No more drinking beers in the garden at 11am just because its hot, and I planted a cucumber. Even though I think it a mighty fine reason to open a cold one.

So here is my first home cooked meal in a long time. A lovely piece of lamb, rubbed with Moroccan spice mix, and cooked in a hot fry pan for two minutes each side.

Then rested.

Sliced and laid upon a salad, a salad with MANGO! Mu hu ha ha haaaaa.


Nina said...

That looks DELICIOUS!
Feel free to invite me over any night you have a mango salad. Oh man. Yum yum.
You make all the food you photograph look REALLY good xx

Zee said...

It WAS delicious! And healthy. Mmmmm. As I have similar overindulgence problems I could not have a beer with it though. Bugger.