Sunday, June 24, 2007


Well small explosions.

A small explosion at a substation plunged the entire North Shore into darkness last week and guess where I happened to be at the time? I was at the Gym. I know! Again! Who would believe it. Anyway I was at the scody gym this time. The lack of emergency lighting was a bit shocking but being the modern age we all whipped our cell phones out and guided ourselves to the exits by our glowing screens. Of course there was a few munters who decided to keep lifting (I was in the weights room) in the pitch black, but they were eventually kicked out.

Heres what the scenes of chaos looked like at the gym

Then driving home the traffic lights were out and without the glowing green and red to guide them the North Shore had forgotten how to drive. I saw several near misses at some major intersections. Munters.

The I had to quickly change out of my gym gear by candle light and face the roads again to go check the lab. We have lots of equipment that runs overnight and the emergency power at the hospital isn't the most reliable. But hurrah everything was fine (It's a Miracle!) and I went home again.

Oh and strange man in red station wagon was at the substation when I drove past. Some weird guy with a semi professional looking video camera (and an unprofessional looking station wagon) has been turning up at events around the North Shore. A few weeks ago he was at the flood at the hospital. He has no news logo's or channel designations on his car or equipment. Who is this weird guy and is he a free lance journalist or amateur news collector?

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Was it the guy in jeans who kept lifting weights?

Love that guy!