Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well its been an uneventful week at the hospital. Very boring. None of the floods or power cuts that plagued me last week have recurred. But its only a matter of time. This building is falling apart.
The flood at least added excitement to the day with much of the North Shore's fire service turning up as well as a couple of trucks from Ponsonby. It is usually my daydreams at work that are full of strong men in uniforms purposely striding into the building.
As for the power cuts, seeing how many multiboxes you can safely plug into the emergency power outlet is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Oh the lengths I go to make sure the public get their results in a timely manner.
Of course now we have all the strike action to deal with. It makes for very quiet afternoons. I'm non-union (so is my whole department) so I am still working away, but there's nothing to do as our work flows on from other departments. So an early finish and off to the pub for a beer in the crisp winter sun. Good to see your tax payer dollars hard at work eh ;-)

Oh yeah and check out our nifty new sculpture being installed. (Notice how I say "our sculpture"). Feel free to comment on its phallic nature.

1 comment:

Ninoo said...

mmm. that sculpture looks... pointy.

Ahh, brave burly men. MMMMM.
That sounds like a good reason to work at the north shore hospital.... any jobs going??