Friday, June 08, 2007


Still my favourite thing on the internet. I cant stop searching for MOAR!

I cant get enough, even O RLY owls and lolruses. My addictions knows no bounds! I need cute animals with captions and I'm not above stealing to get some!
Actualy I think they could be used for therapy. Combine with cuteoverload and I may even have a cure for cancer. Man I have got to get a cat. We have been putting it off since we live next to quite a busy road. But I miss having a furry little bugger around.


Ninoo said...

Oh! Those cats of delight!
You must buy a cat of your own that specialises in interesting poses so you can make your own captions.

The pleasures!

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake some one some where get her a cat or ten

Cavegirl said...

haha. Love Schrodinger's Cat!

Daddy said...

Oh, is that what that was called, "Schrodinger's Cat"... Something about quantum theory using a black room with a black cat in it, or not, maybe....

Hate quantum theory - sort it out bros!