Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Or rather, spent the weekend wrapped up.

This is the coldest I have ever been, well so far this winter. I've had more cups of tea than my kidneys should logically be able to handle (but they're hanging in there thank god!) and I've turned my couch into a fort of sorts with all available duvets and pillows. Theres not much to be done when the weather is like this except watch a lot of crap TV. Sundays are great as there is the Star trek re-run marathon. 4 glorious hours of Star trek. I followed it up with some episodes of "The Outer Limits" 90's version (something tells me the 50's version may have been better) I'm saving the good stuff, Battle Star Glactica for later tonight.

Unfortunately I blew up the TV in the bedroom (there was a flash and a bang, very exciting stuff), usually in winter its nice to go to bed a couple hours early and watch a movie or some X-files in bed where its nice and warm, but CURSES! I cant even do that now. I'm trying to decide if I should buy another TV for the bedroom, by doing so I have to openly admit I am addicted to TV and that I cant live without it. You know you lead an extravagant life when you can live without a second TV.

In good news my Threadless T-shirts turned up on Friday!!! I have been wearing my "interpretive dance" shirt all weekend.

"Action shot"

Perhaps the most exhilarating thing I did this weekend was tag along on the teenagers driving lesson. Slapping on the L plates like they were some kind of defensive shield that would prevent us from being run off the road I wondered if this really was the best way to spend what could possibly be the last Sunday afternoon of my life. But it wasn't all bad, there was the occasional hairy moment but it couldn't have been any worse than my driving at 5am heading to work on Friday morning still half asleep.


Cavegirl said...

lying in bed with the electric blanket on watching X-Files is the best thing on a cold night. I felt like doing that last night but had to go to a party. It was freezing but then we started singstar and that warmed me up.

cool t-shirt!

Ninoo said...

You are a very brave lady. I am far too highly-strung to tag along during driving lessons.
I am surprised they didnt sedate me when I was learning to drive, it freaked me out that much.

You certainly know how to rock a t-shirt!

cass said...

wow. i am so jealous. i love that t-shirt... almost as much as i love explaining things through the artform of interpretive dance... sigh.