Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Kick You!

I went to Les Mills.

Don't all die of shock. But it really happened. It was part of my "try new things" policy. A kind friend offered me a free pass to class at Les Mills.

It was body combat.

I feel like I've been in combat.

Actually the class was great, the perpetually cheery instructor and kicking beats made the time fly buy. I do have sore shoulders from punching the air too hard. No pain no gain though.
The rest of the gym looked kind of scary and furturistic in an eighties kind of way. There was all this orange light and black grating in the weights area. It would be like lifting weights in a faulty holodeck. I dont think I could do it. And I doubt I could afford it anyway. I'll stick with my scody community Gym thanks. Thats where my rate payer dollars are going, its half the price and half as flash.


Ninoo said...

I thought that a gym styled on space wars would appeal!!?? No? No Holodeck for you?? Even though I have first-hand information that you own a Spock teddy bear...?????!?


(You have a mean punch on you, by the way. Ill take you out next time I go brawling.) xx

Cavegirl said...

good stuff. Who really needs the posuers and the flash equipment?