Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hey Guys, look what I saw.

Worst parking ever. (I took this photo with my phone) Just happened at link drive last weekend. This was the first time ever, that having a camera phone came in handy. (and it was to take a photo of some idiot car crash... man I am really capturing those moments)

If you actually want some hints on some good ways to use your camera phone you could check out this article Camera phones: ten ways to use them.


Cavegirl said...

Maybe the driver was overwhelmed at being at Auckland's number one Fisher and Pykel specialist. I myself have felt the joy of finding a great whiteware store.

scientician said...

lol, you crack me up! Maybe the storre didn't live up to expectations so they decided to end it all by driving over the edge...... only it wasn't nearly as high as they thought.

Cavegirl said...

How depressing. Now they're just in limbo.