Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Holy Crap I am on Bebo

Well crap, just like that I have a bebo page. Its my brothers fault. He's off to Spain so he started one to keep in touch with all us fullas stuck here in the freezing winter while he is off enjoying the Mediterranean.

It seems to be a whole different crowd of people. Anyway here is the hideous badge they lump you with. (Small and understated is not part of the bebo language)
So if like me you've decided to whore yourself all over the internet why not give bebo a try! (oh and add me as your friend so i look popular, k! thx, bai!)


James said...

Oh my. On top of MySpace too. You're getting awfully young and hip :-)

Anonymous said...

Down with Bebo! Up with Myspace!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was just because I have some kind of "down" and "up" theme going on tonight. I'm sure Bebo is very respectable.
But saying that, where is your joyous myspace promotional post?? huh huh? ;)

Nina said...

You are very pretty

scientician said...

lol More comments like that please!

scientician said...