Wednesday, August 08, 2007

3 minutes, for what?

So the three minute silence today, that impassioned some people enough that they felt compelled to come to a complete stop on the harbor bridge is yet another wailing, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth gesture that achieves little.

Maybe I'm just cynical, but hasn't this happened many times in the past few years? An innocent is killed, murdered, and we all are horrified, for a week. Then we get back to our daily lives.

I'm sick of politicians and the Christina Rankins making a lot of noise, but not coming up with anything constructive. There isn't a brave enough politician out there to put forward a bill that might do any good for the innocent children of this country.

We could fix this problem but it would either....

a) Cost a lot of money


b) Infringe on our rights.

Schemes like compulsary weekly plunket visits would cost a lot to implement but put an independent observer into the house. This would cost a lot of money. Or we could restrict the right to breed, but that takes away a basic human right (should it be anyway?).

And while I'm on the subject, can TV3 please stop giving air time to the funeral and to the 200 extended family members of this little girl. 200 people who for 3 years did not notice anything was wrong, speak up, or help. Now they gather to sing songs and grieve, well grief isn't what they should be feeling, its guilt.


James said...

Call me a cynic, but tub-thumping tends to gather more votes than doing things.

Solving problems means upsetting people and a lot of hard work. Visibly deploring the state of the world earns you kudos without having to do a damned thing. Especially with problems where solutions may well cross PC bounds of racism, classism and parental rights.

If they were serious they'd see how much evidence there is for a criminal prosecution for all those who put loyalty to family or apathy above the well-being of the child. Shame that in a few months everyone will have have forgotten all about such things until the next time it happens.

scientician said...

Sadly you are right, especially here. National tend to get 15% more votes for every tub thumping issue that pops up.

As for everyone forgetting.. well I am always surprised how quickly these people can rattle off the names of the last 5 children to Die horrifically, the Kahui twins, James Whakaruru, Delcelia Whitaker and Lillybing.

Actually I'm surprised its not one of the categories on the "Rich List" I fully expect Jason Gunn to ask the contestants "how many children, who have died fro m abuse can you name for $200,000 dollars"