Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ask a Ninja

If you haven't seen "ask a ninja" yet, you have been living under a rock with no broadband access. But lucky for you scientician is here to save the day. The jist is this...People email "ask a ninja" with question and the answers are turned into video and can be found all over the internet but mainly on the "ask a ninja" website and youtube.

This one of my favourite episodes.

If you like it I recommend paying me back by purchasing one of the t-shirts and posting it to me for christmas.

I like this a lot and I'm not sure why. I actually find the earnest ninja quite endearing. The theme song, genius. Commitment to character is probably the big appeal here for me. In the same way that Napoleon dynamite is funny so is ask a ninja. I like character driven comedy, abhor slapstick, dumber and dumber butt comedy and any movie with "movie" in the title i.e. date movie, scary movie 3, epic movie etc.

Comedy is like food though. Your tastes change with age. As I become more cynical and bitter with age......

Oh hang on! my wandering blog has been interrupted by an URGENT email alert from Thunderbird. Apparently the late Caldwell Warwick (who ran a mining company in Togo) has DIED leaving no heir. The money is just going to go to the government if I don't do something! sorry I've got to email my back account details to claim the "twenty seven millions" I must hurry as they are urgently waiting for my "repsond".

Scientician out.

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ninooo said...

Oh man, I wish someone would ask for MY bank acount details and password so I could be rich too.....