Thursday, August 23, 2007

Actually excited about a CD

Its been years since I was excited about a CD release. In fact I may be of a generation that barely raises an eyebrow to the latest Green day or Best of U2 offering. After all, I have the internet.

"Radio 1. Established 1967" is a compilation of radio 1 hits spanning 1967 till now. What makes is special is that each song is covered by a modern day artist.

The Streets are covering Elton John, Franz Ferdinand is doing David Bowie (not literally) and Amy Wine house is covering Johnny Cash. Very Brilliant. Trust the BBC to come up with a great spin on the typical hits of the ages album. The choice of artists is interesting at least.
(oh yeah and Foo Fighters playing Band on the Run ZOMG no way!!!!!!11!!1!!!!!!one!one)

As per usual though, my excitement about a product is inversely proportional to its availability in New Zealand. But thanks to the British postal service I am sure will fling one my way in October.

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