Monday, August 20, 2007

More on the saga of home ownership.

Home ownership causes Zed a lot of joy. It causes me mostly worry. I worry about ever getting that dodgy deck corner replaced, the bog that is the back yard, that weird hole in the wall, I worry I need to buy a ladder and why the dishwasher leaked just that one time and now I have to check on it everytime. I worry when it rains and about the non standard light fittings. Its a raging paranoia.

But slowly I am discovering small joys. Like I can actually do weird stuff to my walls if I want too. I have recently rediscovered the thrilling website of Blik. Its decals for you walls. Standard designs and now, oh the excitement, thrill apon thrill, THREADLESS designs.

Oh they are American and the cost is moderate with shipping probably expensive, but I want want want!

Another cool feature is the prose decals. Pick a poem and the font and they will custom print it for you. It doesn't even have to be a crappy poem, you could use the opening lines from star trek even! "space....the final frontier...etc" stuck to your living room wall in a classy italic font of course.

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Nina said...

Oh that is freaking awesome. That "Happy Creatures" one is so amazing I WANT IT TOO! And so cheap for so much PLEASURE!!!!!! wowser.