Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Lately politics has plummeted to the depths of mudslinging. Or so some political commentators would like us to believe. But is it really mudslinging when the mud is actually Truths with the tiniest bit of dirt round the edges.

John Key used to support the war in Iraq, quite vocally too. This is something voters need to know. John Key can speak all sorts of double talk now, but if elected perhaps he would send troops to support foreign military actions.

John Key has been commercially linked to many people who have committed fraud. This is quite careless of John Key. But again, something I need to know. I don't want to elect a prime minister with dubious morals.

Now Mike Moore comparing Helen Clark to Rob Muldoon because of "Personal attacks" on John Key is closer to mudslinging. Perhaps he's still bitter about being replaced by Helen in 1993. Surely not after all these years and as Mr Anderton pointed out, Mr. Moore was involved in a smear campaign against Jim McLay back in the day.

Sometimes you have to dig, to get facts, and they are going to have a little dirt on them. Its necessary and I expect it to get worse before the election.

But hey If you're up for a laugh in the meantime check out John Key's website. He has an absolutely hilariously boring video blog. The high point is when he is in the elavator and compares its movement to that of the polls. How astute of him.

( I couldn't bare to watch the whole thing, but if you can make it to the elevator comment you can see why I'll never vote for him.And I thought Jenny Shipley was patronising!)

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your favourite leftist pinko said...

Oh my goodness.
That lift comment was so painful that I couldn't even watch it due to the creepy shivers down my spine...