Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm a Sucker For T-shirts.

I love T-shirts, I really do. And I have found yet another website to excise my cravings on.
Jinx make all kinds of nerd shirts and they have a great range of gaming shirts (and warcraft t-shirts!.)
I really must have this one. I imagine I will have to endure the taunts of my co-workers, but what do they know, they don't even understanding taking a day off work to go raiding in World of Warcraft. Its hard enough to level a priest and fit in an eight hour working day.

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James said...

Hehe. I feel geeky enough wearing my '1-up' t-shirt at work. And Polly has a Tux t-shirt now, I'm so proud of her.

Worse, however, is that my Mage is level 69.35, and I can't play for any of the next 4 weekends with Polly's parents here. Woe, woe!