Friday, September 14, 2007

5am I Love it

On Fridays I start at 6:30 am so I try get up at 5am. I used to dread Fridays but since it started to get warmer If dont mind so much anymore. Actually I quite like being up this early. The hardest thing about being an early riser is coping with the cold winter morning. When its temperate I can leap out of bed in the happiest of moods. However when its the middle of Winter I cant drag myself out of bed for love or chocolate.

My tips on being an early riser.

1. When its freezing put a heater on a timer in the room you eat breakfast, at least then you'll have a warm refuge to look forward to once you're out of bed.

2. Invest in a morning luxury. Buy yourself some great coffee or an amazingly luxurious shower product. The more things you have to look forward to the easier it will be to get out of bed.

3. Go to bed at a decent time.Its pretty obvious that getting up at 5am regularly is going to be pretty hard if you go to bed at Midnight.

4. Have something more than just work to do in the morning. If you are getting up so early, make it a time for yourself. Read the paper, catch up on emails, take a walk. If its you who is reaping the rewards of getting up early and not just your boss its a whole lot easier.

5. Get organised and lay out your clothes the night before. If you wake up half dead and stumble round in a daze for the first 15 minutes or so then it sure helps to have everything ready to go.

But why would I even want to get up early? Lack of noise pollution is particulary enjoyable. The roads are quiet, the house is quiet, no one is calling on the phone. No one is asking me questions, there are no chores yet hanging over my head. It is a time of uninterrupted thought and clarity.

Also Coffee and tea taste much better first thing.


Cavegirl said...

I have to get up really early tomorrow because I'm going to welly, but I work tonight until 11.30pm, so it's not so much fun!

However, I do agree with you that it's a nice time of the day to be up, especially in summer. I also feel the same way when I get home from work at night - it's very peaceful.

Hey - I made my first posting on Whedonesque! Scary :-)

Your lover said...

Damn it, if you werent so good looking, I'd think you were mad!

Anonymous said...

You need a puppy - 5 in the morning, a puppy and the beach - heaven - smells good feels good looks good - no one bothering you with silly questions or demands only puppy love - not to be ercommended in winter unless blowing hard and raining