Thursday, September 06, 2007


Glossy and almost iridescent like an exotic stone, the black birds feathers reflect the light. I know they are delicate but folded tight together they seem like an armor, seamless and flawless. Its the flutter as the bird takes flight that gives away their fragile paper like nature. Hollow marvels of engineering I pick up and inspect every feather I find. Amazed at their production and how stupidly basic our hair seems.


Anonymous said...

Now I will go stretch my legs and lungs and marvel at the sea gulls pity about their voice though! Did you see the baby moon Thanks for the wonderful start to the day

Miles of smiles

Daddy said...

This is an awesome poem susie!! it feels like a haiku, but much longer (so much more practical really than 7,5,7). Can you do a rendition at my wedding?