Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh Saturday!

Saturdays are the prime day of the week. I got up early and went to Kings Plant Barn and bought 5 bags of compost/mulch and have been weeding and planting tomatoes (acid free!) and capsicums in the sunniest spots I could find. Its only 11:30 and its already too hot to be out there anymore. Later I'll get back out and plant some greens and what not.

Actually spring is definitely here. Last night I had to take a blanket off the bed and sleep with a window open. Its not longer burning my toes cold when i get up in the morning either. The perspiration gained this morning while digging certainly is an indicator of warmer times.

Now I all I need is a six pack of Montieths Raddler to enjoy this fine sunny afternoon. Especially after all my labors this morning. I wonder if I can convince husband to run to the store for me.

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