Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nina, this posts for you!

Some people have jobs with lots of downtime. Like real downtime where there is honestly nothing to do, lucky for Nina she is allowed to use the internet at work for such times.

Here is a list of boredom busting websites, most of which have new content everyday!

Here is a social bookmarking website, the popular links change everyday and are always on a diverse range of topics, humour, politics, nerd stuff, self help and design! Luckily delicious is not often blocked by your work either.

Reddit often gets blocked but this little reddit/delicious hybrid is often available. Similar to delcious. Just be careful of NSFW links (Not Safe For Work, i.e could be pornographic!)

Of course there is reddit and digg if you are lucky enough to be able to access them.

Boing Boing
Internet blog about things on the internet, quite an eclectic taste here too. where else could you fins links to the manolo shoe blog and old people playing Wii.

Violent Acres
A very well written blog. Probably one of the best blogs on the internet in my opinion. Its just a journal type blog but quite fascinating.

NZ Herald
okay not actually the funnest thing on the internet, but if you want to keep current with local affairs its the place to be. Aw heck Stuff is probably better.


Still bored? Go to threadless and rate the designs in the competition. Good for about 5 minutes worth of fun.

While mostly full of white trash spouting ignorant opinions, this site can be entertaining.Also if you have an opinion of your own, you could win $50!

I can has Cheezburger?
Cats our favourite cats!

Cute overload
Cute blog of cute things

Post Secret
Secrets on postcards, strangely compelling.

Oh the internet encyclopedia, very boring you might say. Well this link takes you to a random page each time. Neat huh. Learn something new everyday.

Contests Galore
A forum with links to competitions you can enter in New Zealand online

Hopefully this will keep you occupied during some quiet moments.

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Ninoo said...

WOW! My very own post!
Suddenly my life is complete!
AND I wont be bored out of my freakin mind.
Bless you! Bless you and all who sail in you!