Friday, September 07, 2007

Death to Facebook

My friends, I love you. I really do. (I'll get into that in another post)
But I really don't need more things for my aquarium, more pokerchips a thousand more buffy trivia questions, a hatching egg, a growing plant, a ninja, a pirate, a vampire, a zombie, a drink of any kind, to list my movies, compare you to all my friends or show you what books I'm reading. I don't want the gluepot back or to join the anti child abuse group on facebook (what is it so far but a list of names anyway) or a free gift which is actually just a crazy picture of an unicorn.

Big Deep breath.

Okay actually I do want all these things. They make me feel popular. Which is why I have deleted them all! I want I really truly deeply want is to know how you people are! How are YOU? What have you really been up to? (Not how many ninja's you have converted or drinks you've got) What did you think about that movie you saw. Do you even really like the Killers? Are you happy? Are you depressed? What inspires you? What disappoints you? What did you see on the way to work? Do you have a hobo problem? Facebook doesn't tell me anything about you. Except whether you prefer ninjas or pirates.

I can't believe that facebook has ended your blogs.

I miss you all.


James said...

Come now, everyone prefers pirates =)

Seriously though, at least my lack of blogging has nothing to do with Facebook, and plenty to do with a combination of real life... and WoW (damn Shadow Labyrinth...)

Zee said...

I agree wholeheartedly!

Its become more about collecting things than communicating - just like MySpace was about collecting friends, now its connecting little snack-sized prizes from your friends.

And its considered uncool to actually write on your own wall as if its a blog. Its still not quite the right medium yet.

(BTW for some reason I cant type an apostrophe without quick-find popping up in Firefox - whats THAT all about?)

hobo-tastical said...

I shall blog about my hobo problem! I shall!

I hate facebook too!

But tell me how, oh how can you hate those lovely little hatching eggs. Who knows what is inside? its a beautiful mystery! And how about those song dedications!!!?? What will you do without them?

Well, I don't know.... I could be wrong (but Im not) but Im hearing a cry for help. A cry perhaps for more eggs and mystery flowers.

Yes, that is entirely what I got out of that blog.

We all must send susie e-gifts. She LOVES them!

Love you! E-gifts coming your way!xxx

Cavegirl said...

OMG, Facebook is the evil to end all evil. It's even more evil than Joss Whedon. Why? Because it's so addictive. And you're right - you're not really communicating with your friends, you're just making lists and collecting stuff. I got rid of my blog because I felt that no one was reading it and I was boring myself. But your blog is not boring, so I will start reading again.