Friday, September 05, 2008

dumb personality test on the radio

Sometimes my work is a little mundane.

"But don't you get to see all the cool gross stuff from operations and surgery and stuff?"

Yes this is true, but once you've seen one hundred colons, 200 gallbladders, 500 "wombs" not to mention the thousands of vas deferens fragments you get a bit blase. er well everybody looks the same on the inside dear reader.

We had the radio on at work and the "host" invited us to close our eyes and imagine ourselves on a journey through the desert.

Suddenly you come across a cube, what does it look like, what colour is it, how big is it?

Well it fits in the palm of my hand, its shiny and hard, it feels like stone, looks like hematite to me.

Next you come to a ladder....

okay I see a rickety wooden ladder, tied together with handmade rope, it descends below the desert into a cavern.

now you come across a horse.

okay there's a horse in the dessert, I'm cool with that. Its a big freakin white horse, it bounces up onto its hind legs, but its silent.

Righto, now what?

listener this was in a way a simple personality analysis, the cube represents your ego, the ladder represents your ambition, and the horse represents your partner.


But thanks for taking my mind off work for a few moments. I suppose.

wait WHAT does it mean about my ambition then? my ladder went underground. I have NEGATIVE AMBITION?! oh wait, actually that's kind of accurate. cool.

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