Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My garden is A HUGE disaster.

Weeds, lush vibrant weeds. You could say they are the area of my gardening expertise. Note the dense oxalis and abundant onion weed. Spectacular.

So I thought I should do some weeding. I think it looks worse! Mostly because I did a half arse job. (what do you expect, I don't exactly love gardening, I do it because its good for ones constitution.) Oh well if its fine in the weekend I'll get back out there.

It amazes me that things I could NEVER grow as house plants thrive in my garden which I carefully neglect. For example I have a massive maiden hair fern growing next to that black taro.

I hopped on trade me and bought a whole bunch more of those black taro plants. They seem to thrive under neglect and give a vague tropical look to my bog (winter) slash desert (summer).

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