Tuesday, September 02, 2008

not even close

Dont even try tell me spring is here.

Well I'm thinking of attempting vege gardening again. I had random successes last year. Sweet sweet lettuce, bitter capsicums, abundant apple cucumbers and sporadic tomatoes.

To start I have just put some seeds in my "improvised green house". Lets just say it required no monetary outlay and thus is perfect for my needs. I am of course trying to do it on a budget so any thing free I can get my hands on is all good. So far I've sprung for some seed raising mix. What a sucker. Of course all my seeds are last years leftovers stored in dubious conditions all winter. I'm praying for any kind of germination (plant related).

Capsicums will be attempted again and cherry tomatoes. I want tons and tons of them. I want to bath in them, I want to squish them under my feets and toss them into the air letting the little bubbles rain down apon my head. I am so in love with cherry tomatoes.


Polly said...

Good luck, I have a lovely crop of green tomatos - over 40 of them spread across my Italian Plum and Beefsteak tomato plants. But they are still bright green and London is miserable and wet. Ah well - Green tomato chutney recipe anyone?

Gaely said...

Is the sun really shining!