Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a crazy couple of weeks.

Middle aged people at work having mid life crises, or having big bouts of paranoia. Suppliers trying to bribe me to promote their product at the conference as long as I stick to their scripts. (uh no thanks, I have ethics and your product is mediocre at best).

Purchasing departments making critical errors leaving me high and dry for essential items. Endless phone calls to sales reps at bio tech companies asking where my orders are. Endless phone calls to purchasing, endless emails, endless blah blah blah. Absolutely far to much talking for the average introvert.


The crazier my work week is the crazier I want my weekends to be, well not crazy but action packed.

First to the albany farmers market and bought some feta, lemons and veges. Yummo.

Then to the asian shop at albany mall to buy dumplings, assorted goodies and furikake. Yee ha.

Then a stroll around the beach and over the hills soaking up the sunshine.
Ah Sunshine, how I missed you.

So now for some lunching I may attempt to make sushi
and after that some gardening perhaps.

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