Friday, September 05, 2008

Painting with Acrylics, and some guy called Ken

Yes the clouds look a little spastic, but hey, its my first attempt. Its a lake with trees. Amazingly i'll admit to painting this one when people stop by. All my other attempts may well be confined to the cupboard under the stairs, we will see.

Ken whatsit is our painting overlord. He's enthusiastic, but forgetful. He drives me crazy and is quite useless as a teacher, but a pleasant human being. I think he was an architect in a former life. As in most classes there are rules, no decorative panels, and no paintings of rangitoto. Fair enough.

Its quite realxing and a peaceful way to spend 2 hours once a week. Its gets fairly quiet and only a few random explosions of force against canvas ripple the calm. Oh and the drama class next door. So i'll probably sign up for another class next term, but I am severely tempted by the mosaic course. I want to make mosaic sculptures for my garden. Since nothing will grow in the wild jungleness.


Anonymous said...

Great Susie - we just love spastic clouds
Bigs said tell Sus its bloody good

Nina said...

WOW! You are so talented! I am uber impressed.
You are so dreamy xx

Anonymous said...

wow and wow.....I'm so, so, impressed....just showed h and he was wow too. plus your clouds arent works for chrissy presents I hope....