Monday, September 08, 2008

Morrocan spiced chicken - My dinner let me show you it.

I cook dinner. Quite often actually. Some nights I've been known to cook it twice. Just to prove it here is some morrocan spiced chicken with red onions beans and apricots. I served it with fluffy cous cous made with vege stock for actual flavor. I quite like cous cous, I am a recent convert, for some reason it was only ever served cold when I was a kid, but served hot it has a delicious melty yummness that I can't quite describe.

A recent tip I got off the internet for cooking small chunks of chicken is to dust them in cornflour first. So in this instance I coated the chicken in morrocan spice (thanks masterfoods!) and let sit for an hour in the fridge. Then just before frying I tossed through a couple spoonfuls of cornflour.
It keeps the chicken bit real moist!! The cornflour seal keeps all that goody good chickeny moisture in, and the dryness out. Awesome.

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Ninoo said...

Yes, I will come over for dinner. Looks great. See you in the weekend x