Friday, September 05, 2008

Oh boy its the weekend

Got to love Fridays, the free expanse of the weekend lies ahead and all plans and ideas lay perched waiting to take off. And fly away they do, quite often into 'I didn't quite get around to it" land.

I saw these used wooden freight crates on trade me. They are heat treated only and come in a range of sizes that would be quite suitable for a raised garden bed. I just need to convince husband to go buy one for me. And borrow a car with a tow bar and borrow a trailer. And carry it down the steep steps to my garden. Wait, uh,....oh it sounds all to hard. Perhaps I can bribe with chocolate and wine.


yes I can swear because its my blog. avert your eyes children from the foul mouthed harlot.

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Anonymous said...

think it was one of those f-word slugs