Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 10 - Making your own luck

I am a lucky person. I have good fortune and happiness that fills my days.

Part of being lucky and happy is simply just wanting to be happy and lucky and therefore doing things that make you happy or lucky.

For example, every night that I want, my favourite shows are on TV, its like they have programmed it just for me! I am just channel surfing away and then BAM! One of my favourite TV shows is on! This happens every night, not just Fridays or Tuesdays but every night that I sit down to watch TV. Sure its mostly reruns, but they are still my favourite TV shows of all time.

Of course I make it happen, sure it may be weird but even artificially induced feelings of luck and happiness will make your more lucky and happy over time. So on nights when I feel like watching a bit of TV to wind down I throw one of my favourite DVDs into the player and without looking I press all the buttons to get an episode started. (Hey if its your favourite its no trouble to get it going before you put the tv on). So then I turn on the TV and channel surf to see if anything goods on. If there is something awesome to watch, great! but if its all looking like crap then I just flick the remote to av input and "OMG my favourite TV show is on, whew it looks like I only just missed the first few minutes"

I am weird. But happy weird!

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Cavegirl said...

LOL! You are hilarious.