Sunday, November 18, 2007

its all over!

Theres something about spending an hour washing and detailing the car and then spending 2 hours weeding and digging the garden on a hot summer day that completely weakens your resolve for buying beer.
So I caved and purchased a six pack of Montieths Radler.

So my little experiment is over but its been interesting.

I think I have conquered a few spending habits. I doubt I will buy my lunch at work ever again. The lunches I made were pretty good and it saved me quite a lot of money.

I will keep up the habit of catching the bus to work 3-4 days a week.

And the once a week grocery shop and NO visits in between. I enjoyed that the most. I hate supermarkets and I hate malls and it was quite a relief to only visit once a week. When I went down to get my beers I was agitated and annoyed within 20 seconds of walking in the door. People are a nightmare.

Religions often have times of reflection and deprivation like Lent or Ramadan. As an aetheist I think its important to incorporate similar times into my life to reflect on my own choices and how I live my life. I was making a lot of purchases without thinking, I was like a drone, a consuming machine. Its nice to be actively thinking again. (Although also horrifying, supermarkets are the devil.)


Cavegirl said...

Yay for you. This sounds great. I too hate the supermarket and often find myself going there a few times a week because I've forgotten stuff. Mostly it's probably crap that I don't need too. And the packaging is such a waste!

I wish I could take the bus to work but I often work at night and there's both a serial rapist and a gang of rapists in a van who gnag-raped a girl right near my work the other night at around the time when I leave for home. I actually felt a bit scared when I was out walking yesterday (during the day!) and a carload of guys went past me as I was going up a side street and yelled out at me. Anyway, that's my rant for now.

Cavegirl said...

And that was supposed to be gang, not gnag.

Somehow even when I'm ranting about something really serious, I still manage to make myself laugh, just by typing funny.

Anonymous said...

What a pity - I had just about put together a relief package for Zed - chocolate/whisky cheese and all as well as a back up wine supply - ah well I guess I'll just have to tip it down the drain and eat the chocolate

scientician said...

just dont tell him ;-)