Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mintshot HA HA!

Poor ol mintshot, hacked within days of going live.

The site offers mintshot dollars for watching adds, you can then use the mint shot dollars to bid on auctions (hey I won a CD!) or use them to try your luck at the mint tick game. Actually its a bit of stretch to call it a game. Its pure luck, no skill involved, you click dots on a grid to reveal either a green tick or a red cross. The idea is to reveal as many ticks before you get a red cross, which ends the game. Scores of 14 - 21 were not uncommon, but last night scores of over 60 started appearing, thats more ticks than are on the grid!

If you were smart, surely you would have just used your leet haxor skills to just win yourself one big prize by the slimmest of margins. I believe there was more than one haxor though which doesn't say much for the programming of the site.

Here's the email I got today from the mintshot team

it pays to watch

Hi there,

There has been a security breach in the Mint Tick game which has
allowed a handful of users to tamper with the Mint Tick auction
system. Naturally repeat offenders have been removed from the
system. Thanks to those members who have contacted us regarding
the security hole. Due to the breach we have decided to remove
the Mint Tick auctions from the site for the next few days. It
is essential that we keep mintshot.co.nz a fair, fun and
productive place and we are working hard to resolve the Mint
Tick issue. Once we have rectified the issue with the Mint Tick
product we will re-instate the auctions that were running.
Thanks to everyone for your continued feedback which will allow
us to further improve the site.

All the best,

Marc and the Mintshot team.
It Pays to Watch

I wonder how long this website will survive, at the moment its giving away megabucks worth of stuff and all you have to do is watch ads. It reminds of AllAdvantge, a pay to surf scheme from a few years ago (add bar at the bottom of your browser) I managed to get $60 before the company went bust though. Get in while the going is good I suppose.

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