Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 11- Its Sunday again?

Grocery shopping day.

I hate grocery shopping. It is one of the few tasks that fills me with dread. I leave it till Sunday evening, which is a nice quiet time at the supermarket and it means my food is freshest for my home made lunches.

Why I hate it.

1. It takes too long. I don't know how I can do it faster, I take a list, I arrange the list to store layout, I never back track. It still takes me freakin ages.

2. People are inconsiderate. Trolleys in the middle of aisles and parking trolleys two abreast in the aisles. As if that is a good idea? People at the checkout remembering they're forgot the cheese running back to get it leaving you to wait. The cheese is gone, you are walking out of here without the cheese, if its not in your trolley at the checkout you aint buying it.

3. Stocking. I don't know how they always manage to be out of the same stuff. If you are always running out of a particular item, then perhaps, just perhaps.. you need to stock more of it?

4. Packs of three. Three steaks, three chicken fillets, three avocados. I knows theres families of three out there. But how about packs of two. Because less people are breeding these days.

5. Checkout operators throwing my apples into the trolley, packing tinned food on top of my mushrooms and squishing my bread. I know your job sucks, I wish you had a better job too. Please don't beat the crap out of my food! See I have even loaded it onto the conveyor beat with all items arranged from square and firm to soft and delicate, so all that stuff goes in last! I can work with you on this.

6. Its always costing more. Inflation is a fact of life. My grocery bill is inflating like a bastard.

The other option is buying online. Foodtown offers this service and I have been tempted but Foodtown is significantly more expensive than my usual supermarket Pac n Sav. Either I fork out more money and save myself the pain of grocery shopping, or I save that money by enduring the horrors of Pac n Sav. I shoose to save the money.

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