Monday, November 19, 2007

ethics and where you stand

Cows are the devil
I don't agree with striking in my line of work. I agree with the right to strike but I don't like the consequences in a hospital setting.

So when I started at North Shore Hospital I refused to join the union.

For the first time in my life, I have to negotiate my own contract.
Its a little daunting.

However, today while doing the ordering for our departments consumables I spent more than my humble salary in less than an hour so there should be enough wiggle room in the budget to give me a raise. Lab supplies in New Zealand are very overpriced. Most are American made, and then pass through two middle men (one of which is usually in Australia) before we can get our hands on them.

Its pretty hard to order direct. We tried, and had a visit from a MAF official keen to confiscate our 1ml of cyclinD1 antibody because it contained bovine serum. Since we had used 80% of the antibody anyway it was decided that 200 microlitres of purified cow posed little threat, but we were never ever to do it again. NEVER EVER! Apparently the middle men (businessmen) are certified to import these things, but as a hospital we couldn't possibly know the first thing about handling antibodies.

save us jeebus.

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