Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best Bus Experience EVER!

I live in Auckland.

You may know that it has one of the sloppiest public transport systems (although its trying to be better).

Today after the trauma of the first day back at work, I was walking to the bus stop, it was a hot sunny day, birds were singing and no children were laughing. While contemplating my sneakers demise and how long I could continue to wear the sad dirty looking things I pressed the crossing button and prayed to the traffic gods for a quick light change, before my gaze could return to my decimated sneakers I caught a glimpse of the Bayveiw bus, Oh god, the lights were still green! I am 50ft away from the bus stop but the road was busy with traffic and I was never going to make it. I waved a "sad little depressed oh god there goes my bus wave" to the driver.

Then O frabjous day, the bus driver waves back and points to the bus stop. He's going to wait for me!!!!

Best bus driver ever.


Cavegirl said...

What a humnanitarian!

Gaely said...

Makes a great start to my day - there is love in the world

Nina said...

I can't believe it! That thrills my heart! it is like a fantasy that never comes true... WOW! x