Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spice Rack Solution

Spices, I have some.
Mostly they are still in those little boxes or I've bought them bulk from the Indian shop in Wairau. Handy they are not. So I've been searching the internet for elegant solutions.

One that caught my eye is the magnetic option
. I especially liked the idea of mounting a magnetic whiteboard to the inside of a cupboard. Great for writing down the perfect spice mixture to add to the chilli.

Another option was to mount them to the wall. aka this photo. Which I quite like, but I have a huge lack of wall space in my tiny little kitchen.

So I'll be keeping an eye out for cheap containers I can glue magnets to. And I might have to borrow a hot glue gun too.

Recently I implemented the Charge Station idea I saw on some website. All the chargers are inside a breadbox along with all the messy ugly cables. Any our phones and other charge-needy devices sit on top and charge away (see the cables come out a hole in the back of the breadbox)
We had to buy a special multibox to sit inside the Breadbox. The transformers for all the chargers are to wide to sit side by side on a normal multibox.

Inside view: I do plan to tidy up the cables with some handy cable ties. he he

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Anonymous said...

suse that is so cool...genius even....