Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Favourite Album

My latest high rotate album (which I discovered through LastFM) is "Hissing Fauna". Its by a band called "Of Montreal" which is some sad emo-esque reference to a failed relationship. apparently. The band is not known for keeping its story straight on that one..

Its catchy Indie pop with super hooky choruses, this band is weird and accessible. Lots of beautiful harmonies that remind me of musicals or sixties pop groups. And only sometimes do they sink into that whiney high singing voice that all indie bands seem to use. (Okay actually they use it a lot, but still manage to be melodic). The music makes you wish you already knew the words as I yearn to be singing along right from the first verse of the first song - Suffer for Fashion). I can sense lots of late 70s influences and hear a few harmonies that remind me of Queen and the track "Fabergé falls for Shuggie" strangly reminds of the Number pinball song from Sesame st. You know with marble and some lady singing Seven! (Pointer sisters actually).

I'm sure anyone could find a track to like on this album. Even if its just the pretty one minute interlude after the first track.

Try something new, give it a listen.

Listening to music is a dying activity, not many people put on an album just to listen. Music has become something that is incidental, we listen while going to work, working out, while browsing the internet, driving or cooking dinner.No one seems to have the time to spare on just listening alone.

In truth only a few albums cant stand the scrutiny of the concentrated listen. It can also be an intense experience for the user too. Get comfy, get headphones and do nothing but listen to one of your favourite albums.

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