Friday, January 11, 2008


My car has been in and out of the garage. 1st time to get a warrant and check out the steering because it was driving funny. Well it got the warrant okay, but the mechanic missed the fact that the driver side bush was completely worn hence a ridiculous amount of play in the driver side front wheel. it made for exciting driving experiences thats for sure.

So I took it back to get that fixed (and get a squealing fan belt replaced). That was on Wednesday. I pick up my car and drive it home, everything seems fine. Its a short trip after all. Then on Thursday evening Zed decides to go play music with some fellas in town. But by the time he reaches the city the car is completely over heating! So he parks at work and waits for it too cool down, opens the cooling system and finds its completely dry! So in to work and back with a bottle of hot water (don't pour cold water into a hot radiator) he pours in the water only to find it pours right back out.

I scramble and catch the last bus into town so I can meet him and call the AA (only I have a membership) and they send out a tow truck. Two truck driver give me the heebies. They always seem so aggro, but the two guys that came out were cheery and kind. Only $20 to get a tow to Takapuna (AA pays $40 max, you pay the rest!). The mechanics is right next to a caltex, so we wander in and order a taxi. The attendant lest us use their phone and shouts us a coffee. We call a taxi and moments later we are on our way home.

So we were safe and sound you might think. But no!

We have to be at the airport tomorrow at 6:30am to pick up Zeds parents. So Zed had to text our dear friend, our dear sick friend to ask if we could borrow her car. Of course she comes through for us because she is amazing (Her car is out of action so she organises us to borrow her mums car, what a legend!) but we both have the guilts for waking her up so late to ask. Zed is out now, riding his motorbike to somewhere way out west to pick up the car.

And I will get up and catch the early bus into Takapuna to give my mechanic what for. I think hes disconnected something to get at the squealing fan belt and forgot to do it back up. Or he's knocked something. Hopefully its not because my radiator just decided to die, tonight of all nights.

All I can say is thank god for good friends and friendly tow truck drivers.

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Cavegirl said...

Oh, mechanics. Gotta love 'em. And cars: expensive, stressful and polluting.