Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stay in school, just for the holidays

One thing I try impress on the younger generation, is how important it is to stay in school. Also to go to university. Because frankly, nothing will beat those months of summer holidays.

when you are all grown up and stuck in your desk job, with your pitiful holiday leave, you will dream back to those carefree summers. Even if you were poor it didn't matter, you'd never know a full time wage before so you had nothing to compare it too. Lazing about, spontaneous road trips and working a few days here and there for beer money. It was all good.

I have only two weeks off.
I want to drink beer, eat avocados, watch crappy TV till 2 am, play hours of warcraft, read books and go to the shops and to the pub and to the movies.
I don't really want to be digging holes.
I want to have a good time!
So i'm going on strike. Only good times from now on! No more holes.

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