Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where to get a deal in New Zealand Cyberspace.

First of all, forget Ferrit. Clunky bleh, horrid expensive. Maybe check on the sales every now and then.

The Deal
One of my favourite discount sites to browse. Heaps of great brands and decent discounts. Fast delivery, free call number advertised on the front page. I've ordered kitset furniture from here. I got a nice little bathroom cabinet. No worries.

Off the Back
One item for sale, heavily discounted, one day only. A new site, one to keep an eye on. (Same idea as woot)

1 Day, Three deals
Similar site except you get three discounted items instead of one! Thrills! Also similar to woot.

The place to get all your wine. Export labels sold cheap, some clear skins. Lots of great discounts. (Coffee and olive oil also available!)

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Tanya said...


Tanya Romanuk, Marketing Manager from thedeal. We just wanted to say thanks. THANKS!!!!!!!!