Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Zealand Roads.

Here we are at a standstill on our national highway.

Everyone knows trying to drive anywhere over summer in the upper north Island is a terrible terrible idea. The best thing to do is get up early, (say 2am) drive to your destination and stay there for the next three weeks.

First and last days of any holiday weekends are also nuts.

But even when I try to be cunning and oh so clever, I still get stuck in traffic! I left a day early, a day before the holiday ended. A day when I thought everyone else would still be soaking up the sun at their holiday destinations. But alas how wrong I was.

Queues from Warkworth to Orewa. I crawled home.

But at least their is always the scenic views to ake your mind off the tedium of driving 10km an hour.

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