Tuesday, January 08, 2008

OMG morans. Chlorine the element and Chlorine in compounds behave completely differently!

Oh my word. I read the following on a webpage.....


This relatively new additive is marketed under the name Splenda®. Sucralose is basically denatured sucrose. Its preparation involves chlorinating sucrose, chemically changing the structure of the sugar molecules by substituting three chlorine atoms for three hydroxyl groups.

Yes, you did read "chlorinating," adding "chlorine atoms." But isn't chlorine a known carcinogen, you ask? Why would the FDA allow toxic materials to be used in our food and beverages?

Yes, chlorine is a carcinogen. And to the other question, no one said just why the FDA approved it. You should know too that it was approved even with the pre-approval research revealed possible toxicity of the substance.

Yes chlorine(g) is a carcinogen its very reactive and therefore does not occur naturally in nature , but chlorine when bound to other molecules behaves differently. For example. SALT. Beautiful benign salt. 50% Sodium 50% Chloride

(begin sarcasm) Sweet merciful crap salt is 1/2 Chlorine!!!!!!!!!! OMG even the ocean is full of the stuff we are all going to die!!!!!! Every prepared food I buy has some amount of chlorine in it and the ocean is 3% chlorine. Wont the FDA do something!!!!! (end)

GOSH! There is so much misinformation on the internet

Only 15 elements make up 99.5% of the human body; elemental chlorine is the 10th most abundant. Read all about chloride in the body here.

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Woogle baby said...

ha haha.
Oh sweet jebus.

One day there will be a time when I come to you and say something equally moronic... but forgive me for I am a fashion maven, and know not of the world of science.

Bless the little outraged fashion maven who wrote this bit of information on the evils of chloride.
Did you send them a message?? xx