Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh yeah the Cat!

And in keeping with interweb blog laws, I have scattered adorable pictures of my new cat throughout the side bar.

1 cat = 6 pictures.

2 cats = 12 pictures + at least two of cats wearing christmas outfits.

3 cats = 39 pictures + you have to send out christmas cards with your pets in costume.

4 cats = Flickr account completely dedicated to the 40 odd daily photos.

5 to 10 cats = Cant afford internet and camera is clogged with cat hair anyway.

More than ten cats = Have never heard of the internet as you are the crazy cat lady!

I see myself getting to stage two or three.
The cats name is officially "Sweet girl". Seeing as thats what we call her all the time anyway. Trying to name her anything else would be like trying to get all your friends to call you "Tank" or some other lame nickname. So Sweet girl she is.

I took her to the vet today. Vaccinated, wormed and de-flea-afied ($61) and booked in for a fixing in three weeks. I went to the Glenfield Vets on Diana drive. I think the prices are reasonable, but hey this is the first animal I've ever had to take to a vet.

And so, just like children, once you spend money on them they are officially yours.

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